Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3 miles on the treadmill ...

Today was 3 mile day ... running at 5k pace, so I'm aiming for 10 minute miles. Maybe nothing for some but since average 11 minute to 11.5 minute miles it's a push. Me & Hannah have debated the pros & the cons of the treadmill especially on this one because it can force you to speed up, the down side is slowing down in much easier & for me i hate being constantly aware of the time I've been running & i get bored. So i still try to run outside & have found a 3.25 mile loop that works for me.

Well i get up to run before work ... on making it out to my car i then spent a god 10 minutes scraping ice of my windshield. No joke that stuff wasn't budging. It felt like i was chipping away as the layer was like a quarter of an inch thick, i should have figured then that something was up but hey there are times when I'm not the smartest cookie in the jar. This being one of those. But i make it to base & the gym safe & sound & get my self ready to my run.

Well it became apparent pretty quickly outside wasn't happening ... the parking lot was like a skating rink & the pavement's hadn't been salted (someone told me we have a salt shortest in Europe ... & America isn't shipping salt over here) so to the treadmills i went. & I'm not gonna lie i hated running on the treadmill but i did push myself. I know that for me starting slow is the best move & i can speed up as the time goes on. So having settled on "the view" for my "distraction" i started at 5.5 miles an hour & gradually sped up until i made it through my 3 miles in 29 point something minutes. faster than 10 minute miles. Oh & somewhere in the midst of all this the base closed so at least i got my run in whilst i was still able to get on base!

So Hannah maybe just maybe on this won i will give you that the treadmill could be better for our short runs but i can't do it every day!

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