Tuesday, January 26, 2010

icy shmicy

Laura and I ran three miles in each other’s shoes today. I’m a treadmill girl when it comes to short distances, and she has an aversion to them. However, due to circumstances outside of our control, Laura was forced inside, while I was forced out. If you read her blog today then you know that the area was experiencing icy weather that is extremely rare here in Germany. So the powers that be, the ones with many ribbons and medals and buttons, shut down the bases and people were not working, everyone except me of course. I work at a bank. I think it’s pretty self explanatory as to why I was still working. By the time I got out of there, the gyms were long closed down and the base looked like a ghost town. So what does a girl do?

Side note to all you Missouri people: icy weather?? What icy weather?? If there are no power lines lying across the road, or at least 5 cars in the ditch, or dead cows frozen stiff in the fields, then seriously the roads are fine.

I drove home, threw on a sweatshirt, gloves, and a hat, grabbed the dog and went outside for my run. There was very little ice, but we do have a lot of snow. Well, let me clarify, if you are a Missourian, then we have a lot of snow. We don’t do snow.

Snow running is a challenge. I realized about 15 minutes in that I was fat person running, twisting my body from side to side and keeping my arms bent high and close to my chest to get momentum. I gained greater empathy for the fat runner tonite.

But it was a good run, I pushed myself moderately hard. I saw stuck-in-the-80’s German neighbor guy out with his dog, and said “Hallo!!” Then came across a murder scene a few minutes later. Don’t know what happened, or who died, but there was blood splattered all over the trail. And Baxter had to stop to eat it and roll around in it, slowing my pace. Good thing there were no dead cows around.

I don’t know exactly how far I ran because I have never run by distance, only time. But I ran 33 minutes. In the snow. Up and down some hills. My legs hurt. I’m guessing that means I’m good to go. I am now eating mint chocolate chip brownie ice cream out of the carton. i figure i run like a fat person so what the hell.

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  1. ok i think i might cry ... that is too funny! i love how were were forced to run the opposite to how we want ... & i have this wonderful mental image of you running that will most likely haunt my dreams. Congrats chica, it was a fun day all round!