Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Go Fish Go

So the story begins with two military wives who have the crazy idea to run a marathon together before one of them PCS's back the states. Now whilst we have been running on & off for a year, the actual decision to run a marathon was made in December & we chose Vienna in April. So that gave us a whole 3 months to get from running an average of 5 miles 4 times a week, through the wonderful winter months in Germany & my cold that would not disappear. & then 3 weeks ago we set out on a training plan, starting on week 5 or something & that brings us to Go Fish Go.

We are running this marathon for Fisher House. Aaaaaah i hear you say ... the name is not quite as obscure (though it is obscure but that's the way we like it) as it seems. The Fisher House Foundation provides lodging facilities for members of the military, veterans & their families close to Military hospitals around the world.

So are big plan ... to keep you updated on our training, donations & all other efforts & of course let you know how things go in the end. There will be photos along the way, more information on what you can do to help Fisher House & of course world changing insights from us. Oh & the us ... I'm Laura & the other one is Hannah & we are Go Fish Go!


  1. Can't wait to follow along :) I can't imagine a full marathon...y'all rock!

  2. What a wonderful cause. I definitely am following as I want to hear so much more! Good luck to both of you!

  3. thanks guys for following & commenting ... we'll be blogging the trials & tribulations of our training, plus i'm planing a photo giveaway somewhere along the way. & maybe some other give aways too. Basically we're doing what we can to raise money in the next few months for a wonderful cause & anything to help us cross that finish line.