Saturday, February 13, 2010

i failed ...

So you know how there are days when you wake up & know that actually leaving your bed is a bad plan ... well today didn't start out that way, apparently leaving my bed was fine it was leaving the house where it went down hill.

So today i didn't have to work so our long run could start at a leisurely hour, where the sun was actually up & the civilised world was awake & doing things other than sleeping. So off i headed, having even had some breakfast (abnormal for me) when i came around a corner to a cat lying in the road, it's tail flapping. Now anyone who knows me knows when it comes to cats some would consider me a little obsessed. So i pulled my car over & ran to the middle of the road (which by the way is on a blind bend) to rescue this kitty. Well the kitty was very dead & how we just say i "morned: it & leave it at that, though i did move it to the side of the road, & lay it down in the snow. & then as i tried to hold back the tears (yes you can laugh & make fun of me) I headed on to base.

It is cold today with a little icy breeze & as we set out on the run (this is the part i kind forgot to tell Hannah) i could feel something pulling in my quad. Just a little pulling, nothing major (i run though these thing & generally believe that it will go away if i do so) ... but well apparently there was a flaw in my plan. See the body is an wonderful thing & never fails to amaze me. It can carry me through half marathons & still sprint through the finish line, & the way it lets you know when somethings wrong is awesome ... except when I'm at the beginning on a 10 mile run & don't want to stop.

Well yes you've guessed it we had to stop ... because this time the pulling didn't go away & with the pulling in my quad came a little pulling in the outside of my right knee & well we made it 3 miles before it was decided that turning round was going to happen. & here comes the feeling of failure. I hate not being able to finish a run, because to me every run is an achievement & i watch my wonderful friend who seems to push herself through everything, has this amazing mental ability & there's me fighting to run through a little pulling in my quad. So we headed back to the car getting gradually colder. & then as the cold really kicked in, & with shouts of "save yourself" Hannah headed back to the car (at least one of us managed a good run) & then returned to pick up the invalid. So now if someone could let me know a place where i could trade in my slightly damaged, 29 year old legs for a younger (longer & slimmer) version i would appreciate it. Oh & they could work the way they're supposed to as well i would be much obliged.

So keeping all this in mind ... running wise i feel like it's been a bad week. & whilst i know that bad running weeks happen, that not every run will feel good it doesn't mean i have to like it & guess what ... i don't! Oh & thank you Hannah for rescuing me unlike the cops who drove past me laughing!

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  1. you didn't fail.
    and i hate cops. let's just blame the whole damn thing on them.