Tuesday, February 9, 2010

new pretty shiny shoes

So today was 3 mile day ... at fast pace. After sunday mornings 13 miles this is turning into my favourite day. I get to be inside (i really have been converted into a short run tread mill lover ... ok maybe not lover but it's warm inside as opposed to cold & windy). Anyways on top of this i bought myself some new pretty & shiny running shoes (maybe a little too shiny but i'll get them dirty & they'll look better).

I've known for a while i needed new running shoes but when in the midst of our long run i realised i could feel the cracks in the pavement through my shoes, maybe the tread was a little worn down. Now i love these shoes, they have been wonderful & i was reluctant to buy new ones but they really weren't going to last another 100 miles let along 2 more months of marathon training so caved & bought the "Under Armour Apparition" which feel like socks thanks to the internal sleeve thingy. Yes i love them.

So tonight i broke them in & they did wonderful ... they felt incredible stable on my feet, lots of support & of course i didn't have the feeling of running on the pavement.

So that was my night ... & tomorrow it's on to 7 miles i think. Hopefully outside if this artic wind thing we seem to have going on can disappear, if not the treadmill or cross train as well all know how packed the gym is at that hour!

Oh one other thing ... trying to run whilst laughing so hard you want to pee your pants (yes we're back to the pee thing which i don't have a problem with) over something on the daily show (i was watching it on tv) isn't an easy task!

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